Workouts To Improve Your Golf Game

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It’s time to improve your golf game!

The past couple of weeks we have been featuring exercises to improve your form with popular spring and summer sports!

And even with the snow today we all know golf season is right around the corner! So let’s talk about some ways to improve that swing!

Whatever your favorite sport may be there are exercises you can do to improve your game. And you can count on the world class personal trainers at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Stgolf gif photo: hurley/charlie dancing golf weeeeoooo.gifudio and our fearless leader Jamie Atlas to show you some new moves and workouts to improve any skill level!

Having a good golf game requires lots of muscle groups to work together. The legs, core and arms must all work together to create the perfect smooth stroke. What happens or goes wrong with most golfers is the ability to bend over and keep the core, and other muscle groups engaged, is lost. And when that goes, so does your stroke.

The Impact shuffle will help you build the strength to hit that ball with maximum impact for top driving distances. While bent over, holding a weight, move the weight from left to right within an eight in range of motion keBestGolfMeme41eping the head still. Be sure to keep the spine straight and tall and the head still with this one for maximum benefit!

Give yourself strong golf arms with this next workout! Holding a pair of dumbbells or weights at shoulder height rotate your body to the left while pivoting on your right toes and pressing upward with your right arm. Come back to center and repeat in the opposite direction!

Tilt and twist to improve your backswing and follow through! Standing with your right leg behind you, bend at the waist keeping the back straight and holding a dumbbell in your right hand. As you straighten move th right hand horizontally across the body, keeping the dumbbell in a horizontal position! Keep the arm straight throughout the movement, nobody likes a bent elbow!

Click the link below to see these moves in action as demonstrated by Jamie Atlas and Corey Rose of 9 News!

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As always Bonza Bodies’ world class personal trainers are standing by to help you perfect any game or sport you want to do with a combination of the right workouts and support! If you aren’t a Bonza member email us at to sign up for a free trial or just stop on by for a class!

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