3 Workouts For People With Bad Knees From Denver’s Best Gym

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3 Workouts For People With Bad Knees From Denver’s Best Gym

Whether you tweaked your knee on a hike, in the gym, or it’s a chronic problem for you.

Bad knees are a common problem and can kill your motivation to workout. The world class trainers at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio are very skilled at adjusting workouts to make life easier for these poor abused joints. And they’ve kindly agreed to share 3 of their favorite knee safe workouts with us today! These exercises will get you moving and sweating in new ways while taking the stress off your pained knees and training your body to move in different ways!

Your knees need time to recover from an injury and you’re not doing yourself any favors by trying to push through the pain. Your likely to end up doing more damage because pain and fatigue makes it hard for us to move appropriately and you’re likely to end up doing an exercise wrong, compounding the problem, rather than helping! So give yourself a break and try these low impact workouts!

1) Side Lunge– So we’re all familiar with the standard lunge which puts a lot of stress and weight directly on both knees, especially the front knee, and can really hurt when your trying to nurse a knee back to health! Try a side lunge instead! Standing square, step to the side with your right leg bending the left knee. This puts the weight on the side ligaments of your knee vs the front, which is where most injuries occur. Rinse and repeat on the other side.

2) One Legged Hip Tilt- Standing square, slowly bend at the waist. As you bend keep your right leg straight and raise it off the ground so that you are bearing all of your weight in the left leg. But, you have to make sure to keep a slight bend in your left knee, like 15-20%, do not lock your left knee in place! This exercise is not only great for pained knees but will help improve your balance as well! This exercise strengthens your lower back and core muscles which, in turn, will help relieve your legs of some of their duties of weight bearing and movement.

3) Front Loaded Box Squat- Grab a chair and a weight. The lower the chair, the more challenging this exercise is. Holding your weight to your chest slowly with both arms, sink down to the chair and touch your butt very briefly to the seat before rising. Don’t sit all the way down! The goal is to just tap the seat with your rear end. The challenge with this exercise is making sure you shift your weight to your heels! You should be able to lift your toes off the ground while doing this workout, if you’re doing it properly! This workout takes the load off the front, and most temperamental, ligament of the knee and shifts the load to the back. Not only is this a knee safe workout but it will actually help you train your body to move and bear weight in a different way!

You’ll do all of these exercise and more during one of our small group classes at Bonza Bodies Small Group Fitness Studio. Our personal trainers have been voted Denver’s best year after year for a reason! They’ll help you and work with you to meet your goals! So come on in for a free assessment and get started with our Free 10 Day Trial! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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